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With special for you we offer strict author supervision. Commitment involving a weekly visit to the site until finalization of the repair activities and furnishing. This includes rigorous monitoring of implementation through clear guidelines, as well as specifying each of the specifics and details of the project implementation. Whether the activity is performed by subcontractors suggested by us or yours.

Complete project implementation - in addition to all of the above, we will personally engage with visits to furniture companies, lighting studios, decorations, curtains, etc., so that the overall realization can be monitored and the final product meets the design requirements. especially for you interior design.

Should you opt for IXDesign to design and execute a complete project with our subcontractors, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of preferential rates for construction and furnishing.

Chapter I

Let's meet

F irst of our meeting will focus entirely on your taste and style. Tell us what you like and avoid, how do you imagine the bedroom, what are the preferred colors of upholstered furniture? Let's get to know your lifestyle ...

Chapter II

The proposal

We will offer a number of options of interior design in detailed 3D visualization to the package of services , which you left off. Here we will have the opportunity to discuss the most appropriate options, which does not exclude a combination of all the proposals. Following are our corrections ...


PP Each project includes a quantitative account and information on all materials used!

Chapter III

Final touches

We would like to bring to your attention a completed project, according to the package you have settled on, you will be provided with all working drawings, sections, wiring, plumbing and furniture drawings. In case the perfectionist wants you, we can also provide you with crystal 3D animation for your future home or office.

The entire procedure, from the preparation of an offer specifically for you, to the finalization of the dream project, you will be able to follow through the IXDesign website, and you will receive emails for each stage of the design. With the release of the finished interior design, we will provide you with all the supporting documents, according to the package you have chosen.

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