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Идеален дом страница.png
VAGABOND IXDesign интериорен дизайн
VAGABOND IXDesign интериорен дизайн
НАШ ДОМ IXDesign интериорен дизайн
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IXDesign Модерен дом лого.png
НАШ ДОМ IXDesign интериорен дизайн

AIDB for the Designer Expressions event

"Maxim" Seeing is believing "is decisive for the Bulgarian investor, says Dimitar Tsanev, founder of IXDesign. For him it is important that the design be displayed in the simplest way that the customer can take easily."

"He is convinced that technology is a good step forward, building on what is already known and is a supporter of something dying - mock-ups from a decade ago, which, in his opinion, are an extremely fast-paced presentation model."

"CLICK F1" on BNT 2

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