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IXDesign provides its customers with high quality interior design with extensive experience!

We are specialized in the preparation of modern and clean interior design for apartments, offices and establishments.

We also design furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, railings, visors, stairs and more.
Knowing that each client is an individual, with his or her vision of vision, we devote the necessary attention and time to each of you to prepare the dreamy interior design of your room.
The interior design services we offer bring together all the wishes of the client and provide a huge scope for project development - from sizing to completion.
Relying on the psychology of design, we will get to know you and your lifestyle first, so that the design we offer will best match your identity. Because we know that design is not just lines on a piece of paper, it is a combination of aesthetics, functionality, psychology and environmental fitting.

Taking each interior design personally, we strive to turn your every wish into something special and unique.

In our quest to move in line with the new trends in architecture and design, we offer a modern vision in our work.

Going back to the basics of architecture and design, our designs build on the basics of design and the principles for the proper application of design in a particular situation.

IXDesign is the natural continuation of the work of Comet - created in the distant 1992, as the activity with the production of stainless steel products has completely transitioned to the design and execution sphere.

Former Comet projects can be found all over Bulgaria, such as:
- Most of the metro stations in Sofia

- All "Hyundai" showrooms in Bulgaria

- Projects in "Chipita Bulgaria", "Nestle", "Ikea" and others
- "Nike"
and "Adidas" projects

- All "McDonald's" restaurants in Bulgaria and Macedonia until their new look is introduced

- Huge number of hotels by the sea and mountain resorts

- A huge number of projects related to the food, restaurant, hotel and entertainment industries.

A gallery of Comet projects can be viewed here .

Димитър Цанев - IXDesign - интериорен дизайн
Димитър Цанев - IXDesign - интериорен дизайн

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